Shikkui Lemarge

Mold Prevention

Suppresses mold growth, and is sanitary

The inside of plaster is alkaline. Therefore, it is able to strongly suppress the growth of mold. Currently, there are many sake, wine, miso, soy sauce breweries and warehouses that use plaster on the walls to keep unnecessary fungi from spreading. Plaster covered walls can also be seen in the wine cellars (storage) of France and Italy.

Moisture Absorption and Desorption

Suppresses unwanted dampness and condensation on the wall.
Moisture Absorption and Desorption

The plaster surface is microporous, and it absorbs moisture when the air is humid, and gives off moisture when dry. This property is similar to natural wood, and helps to regulate the surrounding space to a comfortable condition.

Adsorption of formaldehyde

<Shikkui (Plaster) Lemarge> adsorbs formaldehyde in the air.
Experimental condition

Reduces formaldehyde known as one of thce causes of Sick House Syndrome

Formaldehyde adsorption and desorption experiment

<Experimental condition>
10 liter test vessel is filled with 1.5ppm of formaldehyde and 125 cm2 of Shikkui Lemarge is then inserted that corresponds to the wall and ceiling surface area proportion of a 8-mat room space (about 13 square meters), and the change in concentration at 25℃ was measured. Also, in addition to adsorption, the desorption of formaldehyde was measured by heating at 40℃, estimating the condition of the summertime.

Formaldehyde Degree Grade

New Construction Method

Change plasterers to wallpapering professionals, wet method to dry method.

Just like wallpapers, Shikkui Lemarge is installed on the walls and ceilings with glue. The protective sheet to prevent cracks and stain during an installation is peeled off on or after the following day of the pasting day.When installed on walls and ceilings, Shikkui Lemarge comes in contact with air and chemical reaction starts with carbon dioxide in the air.
(The protective sheet is made of breathable material and does not inhibit the chemical reaction.) The wallpaper achieves practical strength one day after the installation and the extent of the chemical reaction reaches 90% after a month, with a final hardness of about H level in term of the pencil lead hardness.

Plaster before hardening, Plaster after hardening


Glue is applied just like wallpaperChemical reaction is maintained at 60%


Paste Shikkui Lemarge.
Paste just like wallpapers.


Peel off the protective sheet.
The protective sheet is peeled off after one day or more.

After pasting, chemical reaction with carbon dioxide in the air starts and hardens the material.

Hardness of Shikkui Lemarge surface

The hardness is about 3B in terms of pencil lead hardness immediately after installation, 1B after one week, and reaches H level after one month.

Realize Eco-renovation

The material need not be peeled off for the next renovation.

You do not need to peel and throw away the sheets for your future renovation because they can act as strong undercoat having reasonable water absorbency that always protect the gypsum board, and various interior materials can be installed such as another Shikkui Lemarge, paint finishing, wallpaper or plastering material on top of them.


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